Hidden Braces - A More Aesthetic & Convenient Alternative

How much will behind-the-teeth braces cost the average patient?

When two people meet for the first time, what’s the first thing they notice about each other?

According to a study by “USA Today,” the number one response was, “their teeth.”

This may catch you by surprise but teeth even came before eyes, hair and other features you would think people would notice right away.

I think a lot of people are conscious about their teeth and their smiles. And, a lot of people want to do something to correct their teeth, but may not want traditional braces. They may have looked into clear aligners, like Invisalign and may have been told by a dentist or orthodontist they aren't perfect candidates for them. There could be some other reasons that they might not want Invisalign. One good alternative may be lingual braces or braces behind the teeth.

upper lingual Braces

This technology has been around for many years, but just recently started to improve to the point where it can produce same results as the braces on the front of the teeth can produce.

So, let’s look at five things you may or may not know about lingual braces or braces that go behind the teeth.

Five things to know about braces that go behind the teeth or lingual braces

1.) They’re completely invisible. Nobody will have any idea you are wearing them. Even Invisalign, which is aesthetic, has a glassy shine. Moreover, if you are wearing Invisalign and speaking to someone in an one-to-one conversation, he or she is probably going to notice transparent teeth tray in your mouth. But with lingual braces, no one will know about them unless you show them.

2.) They’re custom made. Each individual brace that goes on each individual tooth is made to fit that specific tooth. They are made to fit your teeth and tend to get great results. They are individually crafted for your mouth and your smile.

3.) The wires used with lingual braces are robotically made. They’re custom made for your mouth and your specific treatment. With braces in front of the teeth, the wires are generic and there may be some bending and adjustments by the orthodontist near the end of treatment. This is not necessary with lingual braces because the treatment has been pre-planned and the wires have been pre-made by robots at a factory.

4.) There’s an adjustment period. Now, if you can imagine what braces look like and imagine having them on the inside of your teeth, it does beat your tongue up a little bit. For two weeks, it’s going to be really bad. You've just got to expect that and want them enough to go through that adjustment period. They will also affect your speech much more than traditional braces and Invisalign. But, we found within that timeframe, speech goes back to normal. After you get through those two weeks, they’re the same as normal braces. Your body just reacts to them, adjusts to them, and then they feel normal.

5.) They don’t cost much more than traditional aesthetic braces or the Invisalign treatment. They’re custom made, robotically bent and fantastic, but do they cost much more? Interestingly, they don’t.

So, are these braces for you? One of our patients, a junior in high school, was looking for an aesthetic solution to his crooked teeth but didn't want metal braces. When he saw lingual braces on working models in the office, he was convinced they were for him. He knew there would be an adjustment period and he was okay with it. He’s about three months into treatment and absolutely loves them. The funny thing is that even though he didn't want anyone to notice he had braces initially, he tells everyone he sees.

So, if you've been thinking about braces but wanted the most aesthetic solution possible, lingual braces may also be for you. Meet Dr. Matt Beecroft to discuss your case today.

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 Hidden Braces - A More Aesthetic & Convenient Alternative  

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