A Beautiful Smile Without Any Reason Is the Smile of the Existence

Beecroft5-July2015 A Beautiful Smile Without Any Reason Is the Smile of the Existence! - Mehmet Murat ildan

Social Beings

Human beings are built to socialize. We instinctively copy each other’s postures and facial expressions. When we are looking at a smiling face, we are naturally compelled to reciprocate. The best reason to smile is that it makes us feel good. Studies have shown that you can raise your mood by simply creating an artificial smile (such as biting a pencil). Other studies have shown that looking at an attractive smiling face activates brain areas associated with pleasure. When you smile during a conversation, both you and the other person are getting pleasurable doses of endorphins (natural brain chemicals), which creates a trusting and convivial atmosphere. Therefore smiling is an indispensable social mechanism that promotes harmony and keeps society together.

Reasons to Smile

A beautiful smile is one of the biggest assets you can have in life. Studies have shown that people who can’t smile due to facial paralysis have great difficulty socializing. Your smile signals to others that you are friendly and approachable. When you meet strangers, a big genuine smile dissipates tension and puts everyone at easy. The Turkish writer Mehmet Murat ildan once said, “A beautiful smile without any reason is the smile of the existence!” Truer words cannot be said. Aside from all the social and psychological reasons why we do it, a smile in and of itself allows us to transcend the mundane and the ordinary.

A Happier Life

It would be a terrible shame if crooked teeth prevented your child from experiencing all the wonderful things that a smile can offer. As children grow, they become increasingly self-conscious about their appearance, which peaks during teenage years. To hide his or her teeth, your child may suppress smiling and become less and less likely to smile. This makes it much harder for your child to make and maintain friendships, intensifying the loneliness that adolescents already feel. However there is hope. Braces will give your child a beautiful smile. If you live in Stafford, King George, and Fredericksburg, make an appointment with your local orthodontist and give your child a greater chance to find happiness in life.

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A Beautiful Smile Without Any Reason Is the Smile of the Existence

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