What Are the Discomforts Associated with Invisalign?

As parents, you shudder at the thought of your child being in pain, but you want to do everything you can to make gif courtesy of giphy.com

sure they look good and feel confident. If the avenue the orthodontist recommends to correct your child’s bite is the Invisalign system, remind your pouting teen of this quote:“No pain, no gain.”Ignore those eye rolls and sighs of exasperation, and sit your child down for a one-on-one to discuss what they can expect once treatment begins. You can even serve brownies while explaining to your child.

How Does the Invisalign System Work?

The Invisalign system is nothing more than a series of trays that subtly act as bite and smile enhancers, because with each new tray, teeth are gently pushed into proper alignment.While a screaming set of grills might be preferred by some kids because they’re cool and attention-getting, Invisalign are just the opposite: the trays are crafted from clear plastic, so unless someone stands too close, there’s an excellent chance that the appliance won’t be noticed. Another benefit of Invisalign is that they can be removed when the crowd hits the local fast food restaurant, just one of the many reasons why King George orthodontists recommend this unique system.

Does It Hurt to Be Fitted for Invisalign?

Not a bit. Your child hops into the dental chair, submits to x-rays from which 3-D images are created by a sophisticated imaging system, and the custom fitting process begins. Talk about space age technology! The orthodontist will add a kick of excitement to the experience by showing your child howhis or her teeth will look like once the Invisalign treatment is done. Because there is no pain associated with going through this sophisticated mapping process, the x-ray experience will be a pleasant one to your kids.

What Kind of Pain Can My Child Expect?

If you have more than one youngster, you know that no two children are created alike, thus, the discomfort associated with the insertion of a new Invisalign tray is unique and could affect one or more areas of the mouth: gums, tongue, mouth floor and/or cheek.

Have patients reported little to no pain? On occasion, but it’s better to be prepared for it rather than hoping for the best. Clinical studies undertaken when the Invisalign system was first developed concluded that about half of all patients report having some pain or discomfort, but not everyone complained about the same area of the mouth. Some said their teeth ached when wearing a new tray. Others felt discomfort only when removing or inserting a tray and that pain was frequently described as short term. Remember: Your child is unique, and so is her pain tolerance.

Discomforts Associated with Invisalign

If your child asks whether the Invisalign experience is pain-free, be honest. As with all physical treatments that move a part of the body that is growing in one direction, discomfort is likely and while witnessing your child experiencing discomforts associated with Invisalign is awful, research shows that the discomfort is tolerable and that some patients barely complain, as evidenced by the 2005 clinical trial orthodontists most often cite: the Nedwed study.


How Can Invisalign Straighten an Adult's Teeth




Volunteers were observed from three to six months, and 35percent of them reported no discomfort at all. Of the remaining study participants, 54 percent reported mild pain. The Nedwed study concluded that 83 percent of wearers became acclimated in two or three days.

How to Keep Your Child Comfortable When He or She Experiences Discomfort

Orthodontists specialize in pain management to get through the child’s first week and succeeding tray replacements, so if you’re eager to know what remedies are available to lessen discomfort, these are recommended:

  1. Keep a bottle of OTC pain reliever on hand to lessen any discomfort your child may experience. You know

    Photo credit: Pamela Machado / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

    which pain reliever works best, be it Advil, Tylenol, Motrin or Aspirin. These products inhibit compounds that trigger pain, but to maximize the drug’s effectiveness, have your child take it at least an hour before inserting a new tray for maximum relief.

  2. If your child’s discomfort isn’t limited to the gum/tooth area, and he/she experiences discomfort or irritation around the cheeks, the tongue or floor of the mouth, the tray your child is using may need some adjustments. Unless there is a dental diploma hanging on your wall, resist the urge to “fix” the tray yourself! Bring the tray in to the orthodontist’s office so it can be adjusted by theInvisalign for adults King George staff.

This too shall pass

Whether you’ve had a relatively drama-free parenting experience or your youngster presents you with unique challenges that will make great humorous fodder for a speech to be delivered at his/her wedding down the road, remember: This too shall pass. At Beecroft Orthodontics, your King George orthodontist resource, we have shepherded the Invisalign treatment of countless children, as our practice can attest. Give us a call at (540) 775-2022 to set up an appointment with Dr. Matt Beecroft if you’re ready to start the process and we’ll deliver plenty of assurances and advice.


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What Are the Discomforts Associated with Invisalign?

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