Be Awsome!

be awsome

Smile Quote #8: "Don't Forget to be Awesome!"

The phrase “don’t forget to be awesome” was popularized by the Green brothers (Hank Green and John Green). When John Green got the chance to have an interview with President Obama, together with his wife they asked the president which name would be good for their soon to be born daughter. Would it be Eleanor or Alice? Of course, they’re waiting for the president to actually choose among the names but President Obama refuses to do so.

Instead, the president says that “whatever the baby’s name will be, tell her not to forget to be awesome”. John Green and his wife were surprised as well as everyone else who has seen the video in Google Hangout. After the interview, DFTBA trended worldwide in Twitter. The couple even joked about making it the ringtone of their phones.

Anyways, the point of this is that no matter who are you, president or not, you should not forget to be awesome. It’s simple and you can even do it with just a single and warm smile.

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Be Awsome!

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