Fun Braces for Kids

Shaped braces for kids: What pricing and cost can you expect?

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When most kids come in, they are excited about getting braces. I found the reason they’re so excited about getting braces is they’ve heard they get to pick rubber band colors.

With braces, there are the individual braces as well as the wire that straightens out the teeth. These small and circular rubber bands hold the wire into the braces and allow the wire to straighten the teeth. When a patient comes in every six to eight weeks for an adjustment, these colored elastics are changed. The younger patients get excited because they get to choose colors ranging from school colors to colors of their favorite sports team. Some even like to coordinate colors with their friends.

Sometimes kids come in and see our models of braces from metal and clear braces to braces in different shapes. Yes, there are actually shaped braces by WildSmiles. The kids get so excited about choosing from any of the following shapes: football, flower, heart, star, diamond, and Superman diamond symbol. By far, the most popular shape in our office is the heart--a top choice among girls.

Shaped braces function exactly like normal braces. The only difference is the actual shape of the base of the braces, which doesn't affect treatment. And, the cost of shaped braces is similar to the cost of ceramic/aesthetic braces. And, you don’t necessarily have to get one shape on all your teeth. You can mix and match them, which makes having braces more fun.

A mother brought her young daughter into her initial appointment practically kicking and screaming. But for various medical reasons, her teeth needed to be corrected. We showed her the models of our normal, clear, and shaped braces. The shaped braces really caught her eye. She asked her Mom if she could get the heart-shaped braces and her mom consented. Since then, she went from being nervous to being excited about her braces. She always talks about showing her friends her heart-shaped braces and how cool her friends think they are.

It’s nice to see how patients can go from being hesitant to excited about braces just by putting shapes on them.

In fact, my personal favorite is the Superman diamond symbol. Sometimes, I think about getting braces just to get the red, yellow, and blue Superman diamonds on my teeth. Maybe one day…

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends visiting the orthodontist around age seven. So contact Beecroft Orthodontics today for the appointment.

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Fun Braces for Kids

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