Better Late than Never

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Smile Quote No. 28: If you don't Start the Day with a Smile, it's not too Late to Start Practicing for Tomorrow

It’s never too late to get that smile you have always dreamed about. If crooked or misaligned teeth make you too self-conscious to smile and you turn your head away in embarrassment when you want to share the humor of someone’s joke, then it is time to pay a visit to Beecoft Orthodontics, especially if you live in Fredericksburg, VA.  Dr. Matt Beecroft has the experience to make that lifelong dream of a lovely straight smile come true through the use of braces fitted on your teeth. It only takes a few months to straighten your teeth. You may have wondered how this invention can control the natural movement in your teeth.

Braces are made up of four main parts. The brackets, which can be made of ceramic or metal, are attached to all of the teeth. They are attached with a special bonding material. To the brackets are fixed what is called an arch wire, which is a slim metal wire that runs between the brackets and exerts pressure onto the teeth. The ligature elastic, which is a small elastic device, often colored, that holds down the brackets onto the arch wire. Your orthodontist will usually change ligatures when you go for a check up. There are certain kinds of brackets, which do not need require ligatures.

The teeth will move once the arch wire has put pressure onto the brackets and your teeth. On occasions rubber bands or springs are used to exert a greater force in a particular direction. Braces are designed to exert continual pressure, eventually shifting the teeth into their correct positions.

It is such a simple procedure and the inconvenience of it is so temporary that if you have been delaying the creation of that wonderful smile you should now stop and take on orthodontic treatment, which will change your smile and your life forever.

If you, or one of your family is experiencing misaligned, crooked or unsightly teeth, arrange a consultation at Beecroft Orthodontists in Fredericksburg, VA and you will never look back.

Beecroft Orthodontics, 10472 Georgetown Dr. Fredericksburg, Virginia

Phone: 540-898-2200

Better Late than Never

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