Happiness is Life

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Smile Quote No. 29: "The purpose of our lives is to be happy." -  Dalai Lama

The majority of our lives we are happy. It is only when some unforeseen event takes place that might disturb that happiness. Our thought patterns and our life experiences help us to resolve times when unhappiness has been imposed on us. There are always some things that we can alter in our lives that will help to improve it and our ability to express our true happiness. That is our smile. Many people worry about the effect they have on others particularly when meeting someone for the first time when visual impressions stands out. A crooked smile, broken or protruding teeth can be worrisome, especially if contact with strangers is important.

Solutions to facial appearances through your teeth are numerous. There are many cosmetic procedures available to help to cover unsightly damage to teeth and tooth colored materials can be used to match the existing color of teeth too. This is work that your dentist can undertake but teeth that are not in the right position are solved by an orthodontist who has modern techniques available that shift teeth into a more aesthetic position which is pleasing to the eye and brings more happiness to the recipient. Much of this work is done by a whole host of different appliances that are called braces. Most of us have heard of braces as it something that we remember from our youth when teenagers would be proudly showing off their mouths full of steel that are called traditional metal braces.

There is more to correcting teeth misalignment than wearing braces for a few months. Once the braces have been removed it is normally necessary to wear a retainer. This does not actually move the teeth but it prevents the repositioned teeth from moving back into their original position.

An orthodontist, such as Dr. Beecroft in Fredericksburg, VA, will tell you that unless you are happy to wear a retainer you should not consider wearing a brace as it is the retainer that ensures work done by the braces is not lost.

There are several kinds of retainers which have different roles. Some have to be removed from the mouth if the user wishes to eat or drink while others are more permanently fixed.

If you, or a member of your family, have just completed braces treatment at Beecroft Orthodontics then you should discuss which retainer is most suitable for your use so that the work done by your braces and your increased happiness will have been worthwhile or schedule an appointment

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Happiness is Life

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