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Healthy Gums keep your Heart Healthy

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People often dread going to the dentist, but what they might not realize is that orthodontics is one of the most beneficial forms of preventative health care out there. Having a healthy mouth can end up saving the patient from numerous medical conditions down the line, including minimizing the chances of heart disease.

More than Just a Cleaning

The field of dentistry is filled with numerous expert fields with professionals who specialize in a specific analysis of the mouth. One of the most essential fields of dentistry is orthodontics, which is the study of jaw alignment, tooth growth, and improper biting structures. An Orthodontist specialist in Fredericksburg, going by the name of Beecroft Orthodontics can help patients at any age treatment the improper biting and jaw structure the patient may be afflicted with. Treatments like braces, retainers, and tooth headgear are the common corrective tools an orthodontist may employ to help the patient. This one field illustrates how dynamic orthodontics is beyond the routine cleanings a patient may need.

How Orthodontics Is Preventative Health

Beecroft Orthodontics, the best orthodontist in King George VA can help a patient not only have a better jaw structure, but they will also end up prolonging the quality of the patient's life. Orthodontists help to see if there are inherited tooth problems with a patient, such as if the tooth development is hindered from genetics or lifestyle choices. These clues can help the orthodontist find if the patient has a specific genetic condition that is associated with improper tooth development or if the patient's choices in life, like smoking or a bad diet, is causing their teeth to decay. Such a consultation can help the patient make better medical and health choices with their lives.

In addition, orthodontists help promote a better quality of life thanks to corrective procedures for the mouth. Often an orthodontist needs to remove extra teeth that are overcrowding the mouth or causing the patient intense pain. Corrective technology, like braces, corrects the jaw's structure, helping the patient eat food more efficiently, talk better and clearer, and help the patient live a life with minimal pain in their mouth.

General Advice

Orthodontists will also help to educate a patient about common tooth brushing mistakes and other dental health insights that a dentist may also recommend. Orthodontists use their special knowledge on tooth development to supplement the basic dental advice of proper teeth hygiene. This gives patients a fuller insight on how their dental health. For example, an orthodontist will know and tell a patient that flossing one's gums helps to keep teeth well anchored in the mouth. In addition, maintaining healthy gums through brushing and flossing reduces the amount of bacteria that can reside in the mouth. These bacteria can severely break down tooth development and the tooth enamel, weakening the tooth. In addition, such an accumulation of bacteria will end up increasing the amount of gum and tooth infections and this could spread down the throat and other body systems. It is why an orthodontist will be the first to tell a patient that healthy gums reduce the chances of heart disease since maintaining the gums will decrease any bacteria that could cross into the cardiovascular system, severely affected cardiac tissue over a lifetime.

Call an Orthodontist Today

Whether it’s for your child or for you, contacting an orthodontist to review a person's bite can highlight any medical problems along the way for the patient. Reviewing the teeth, jaw, and bite can show several different signs about the patient and the orthodontist can provide helpful consultation or treatments to aid the mouth. Don't hesitate, contact a local orthodontist today. If you live in the Fredericksburg, Stafford or King George areas, Beecroft Orthodontist is quite possibly your best choice.

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Every Part of the Human Body is Connected

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