Can Lasers Make Your Orthodontic Treatment Faster

Orthodontic treatment is all about straightening and aligning your teeth to improve your appearance. This procedure gif courtesy of

ensures that your teeth are moved to their right positions for better functionality and good health.

The orthodontic treatment Fredericksburg has to offer is essential as you will get the best admirable smile and a boost in your overall self-confidence. Orthodontic services in Fredericksburg are provided using the state of the art equipment, tools, procedures, and appliances which include:

  • The WildSmiles
  • Incognito lingual braces
  • Invisalign
  • traditional braces that can be used by patients of all ages
  • surgical orthodontics
  • treatment for children as well as adults that is comprehensive and interceptive.

Orthodontists often use clear aligners to help straighten your teeth. It may take some time before your teeth are aligned, but the beauty is that it does not change too much of your normal life. They can easily be removed when you need to brush your teeth, eat sticky foods and even when you need to floss. To add to this, the aligners are smooth and comfortable to put on. These aligners will not irritate or bruise the inner section of your mouth the same way metal braces otherwise would.

Parents Love Invisalign

As for your parents, your nightmares of speaking to you teenager about braces is now over. The best part about the clear aligners is the fact that teens can easily use them and still embrace their social life as well as keep up with their eating habits. Teens are not particularly fond of having braces as it heavily interferes with their daily lifestyles. Social life to all teens is very crucial and with braces on, they would not like to be seen.

Teenagers Can Continue with Their Normal Lives

Teenagers are also quite fond of their food, and that includes their junky foodstuffs such as pizzas and burgers that can easily get stuck in between teeth and bring a fuss when it comes to cleaning them. With aligners, work is made pretty easy. All you have to do is to remove the aligners when eating.Even after eating, you can easily brush your teeth and move on with life.


WildSmiles are worn by small children who need to wear the braces. These are a remake of the traditional braces. Instead of having the same square brackets on every young kid, the brackets come in various shapes. These shapes include stars, sports balls, hearts, flowers and even footballs. How fun is that for your young children?

These braces are quite safe to use. In fact, there is no difference between shaped brackets in comparison to the square brackets. In the end, you still end up with similar results, a straightened smile!

How Can Invisalign Straighten an Adult's Teeth?


Clear Aligners

It is not so complicated to get started with the aligners. All you need to do is consult the orthodontist who will then have X-rays taken as well as a digital 3D image of your teeth. These images assist in custom making the aligners that fit your mouth. As an adult, you may need to wear the aligner for a really long time. However, as a teenager, you will just wear the aligners for the same period as you would have worn the braces for.

Use of Lasers

Even with all the available services, you can easily get the work done by use of lasers. The lasers are much more convenient and effective in all ways you may consider. To start with, the lasers can easily deal with ulcerations adjacent to the braces. This is easily dealt with by keeping the laser at a distance from the lesion. The energy of the lesion is absorbed, but the tissue is not cut or affected. The laser helps the sore to be desensitized and the healing process is then accelerated.

Using the laser for orthodontic purposes involves removing structures that occur naturally and affect how your teeth are positioned. There are certain muscle attachments as well that are found between the lips and gums hence creating spaces or recessions. The laser easily shortens these muscle attachments and, therefore, allows space closure.Lasers are used in orthodontics to remove swollen tissues that develop as an outcome of poor oral hygiene.

When Can Laser Treatments Occur?

Laser treatments can be underway during, after and even before the orthodontic treatment. It is used for gingival reshaping, and this is vital for improving the appearance of the anterior teeth. An orthodontist can easily reshape your gingival contours to give you the best smile.

The news only gets better! Laser orthodontic treatment shortens the treatment time. This is important because an orthodontist must be able to have access to your teeth to attach Fredericksburg braces to it. More often than not, the surface of the tooth is partially or fully covered by the gum tissues. In such cases, you can use the laser to save you six months to a year of waiting.

The best of all is that lasers for orthodontic treatment Fredericksburg offers are quick and easy. Most tissue is thin and can be desensitized by the use of topical anesthetic. This leaves a low chance of bleeding, infection, shrinkage or even swelling.

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An orthodontist using laser treatment can save you money. This is because you do not have to go to another office to

get your soft tissues procedures done. Orthodontists can easily get you sorted in no time at all. Your treatment is done much quicker, and the results are splendid.

Contact Beecroft Orthodontics now and know more about teeth straightening procedures you can avail of.



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Can Lasers Make Your Orthodontic Treatment Faster

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