Turn the Lights On by Simply Smiling


"To smile is to turn the lights on, the lights of existence within you!" - Mehmet Murat İldan

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of reasons to smile every day. All you have to do is look. Whether it's a bowl of ice cream, a good grade on a test, or a funny picture, there is always a reason to keep smiling.

Smiling makes you appear younger, more confident, boosts your immune system, reduces stress and increases your lifespan.

We all know that people smile when they're happy and frown when they're sad. However, can your facial expression influence your mood? Can something as simple as smiling really make you happy? According to Scientific American, making or suppressing an emotional face does influence your mood.

Recent studies have shown that our emotions are both reinforced and driven by our facial expression. Psychologists recently studied several people and discovered that many people who were not physically capable of frowning due to Botox injections were, in general, happier than the people who could frown.

Those who could not frown reported feeling happier, more important and less anxious than they had before. However, they did not report feeling more attractive, so the boost of happiness wasn't caused by the Botox itself, but by the smiles.

Smiling even when you are upset, angry or stressed, can still have a great impact on your mood. You have to smile to turn the lights on.

So many people are embarrassed by their smile due to the alignment of their teeth, gaps or any of a number of easily solved problems. It is truly sad that something so simple stops people from doing something that is completely natural and has countless benefits emotionally, physically and mentally. Don't let something so simple stop you from smiling, call an orthodontist today.

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Turn the Lights On by Simply Smiling

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