What Causes Abnormal Jaw Pains and How to Treat It

Many people around the world experience abnormal jaw pains. These pains are induced by various causes. It is gif courtesy of giphy.com

necessary for one to fathom these causes in order to have the right knowledge on which treatment to undertake. Jaw pains do not only happen at the jaw, but also impose severe pain on the nearby organs, sometimes even the distant organs. Examples of subsidiary pains that occur alongside jaw pains are headaches, ear pains, facial pains, and neck pains.

When experiencing these pains, it is recommended that you visit an orthodontist. An orthodontist is a better-specialized personnel in handling these cases than a dentist. Mothers between twenty to forty-five years are urged to take great caution for themselves and their children when such pains arise (Not to say men cannot also get these pains). Listed below are various common causes of jaw pains.

Cases of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

It is a disorder between the jaw and the temporal bones. The disorder is caused by frequent overuse of the mastication muscles. This disorder is mostly caused by frequent chewing of gums, eating hard-to-chew foods like apples, and congenital disorders among others. The disorder results in jaw stiffness, dizziness, tinnitus, and abnormal jaw mobility.

Teeth Problems

Teeth complications are the most common in causing jaw pains. Young children are most prone to teeth diseases. Complications such as dental caries, impacted wisdom teeth, and tooth abscess lead to jaw pains. The teeth are very sensitive. When teeth develop problems they result to inflicting great pain on the jaw and other problems like the numbness and swelling of the gum.

Throat Infections

Infections such as Viral Tonsillitis and Strep Throat dispense great pains to the jaw. Both infections occur due to streptococcus bacterial infections. They both commonly occur in children and young adults.

Jaw Fractures and Structural Disorders

These fractures result to swelling, deformity, and numbness of the jaw. They cause a dull constant pain in the jaw. These fractures are caused by accidents, assaults or even other underlying diseases. When they occur, one should seek immediate medical attention.

These disorders stress the whole jaw system because it loses its alignment. Trauma is also among the major causes of damage in the structural order of jaw bones.

Swollen Lymph Nodes under the Jaw

The possible causes of this type of swelling are viral infections, bacterial infections, canker sores, thyroid disorders, Kawasaki diseases (which occur mostly in children) and cancers.

Emotional Stress

Stress causes tension on the muscles. From that, one can get neck or jaw pains. Stress can be acquired from various characters in the surrounding environment such us work and family. It could also arise from lack of adequate sleep and rest or accumulated fatigue.

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Neuromuscular Disorders

This involves problems in the muscles influenced by nerves. The disorders arise from changes in the sensory nerves of the head causing abnormal jaw pain sensations. The disorder can be caused by habits such as clenching or grinding the teeth. It becomes a disorder because it affects the muscles that help in moving the jaw and positioning the neck and the head. Therefore, there is a devoted mutual relationship between the neck and the jaw.

The above are just examples of common causes of jaw pains in the world. After identifying the various causes, it is also essential to acquire knowledge on how to treat jaw pains. The best-known orthodontists in the world are based in Fredericksburg, North Stafford, and King George. They are popular for having given the best treatments to patients around the world.

Jaw pain treatment in Stafford is popular because Beecroft Orthodontists have shown quite a lot of talent when issuing treatments. Patients get moved by the care and treatment they receive from the Stafford Orthodontic facilities. The Orthodontists in Stafford don’t only offer treatment, but also educate their patients on the causes of jaw pains and acquaint them with proper treatment knowledge for handling jaw pains. It is necessary to undergo treatment with caution because jaw pains do not all originate from one cause.

Different causes of jaw pains mandate different actions of treatment to undergo. The main aim or focus for treatment is to cure the cause of pain rather than treat the symptom of the pain. Below are some treatments patients may consider when experiencing jaw pains.

Home Treatment

There are different home friendly treatments one can consider for nursing jaw pains. You can identify soft foods for your diet to avoid strain when chewing. Also, consider stress relief measures like resting. You can try giving the jaw some therapy by opening and closing the mouth or moving your jaw from side to side. Another form of therapy you can use is massaging the affected area. One can also try compressing some warmth in the area of pain.

These are just a few ways to alleviate jaw pains. They mostly assist patients who are not experiencing severe pain. When the pain persists, it’s advised that one should seek help from an orthodontist.


Due to variance in the causes of jaw pains, medication is also a remedy one can use to treat the cause inflicting the

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pain. Many people consider taking unprescribed painkillers. You should know that painkillers address the symptoms and not the actual cause of the jaw pains. Therefore, overusing painkillers results to serious health hazards such as liver failure and kidney necrosis.

Therefore, it’s advised that one should seek proper prescription of drugs from a qualified orthodontist.


In worst cases of jaw pains, surgeries may be deemed necessary. Surgeries are done to correct major skeletal and dental irregularities and also to treat Temporomandibular Joint disorders. These irregularities could also include jaw and teeth misalignments. Surgery is mostly done to improve chewing, breathing, and speaking. Its main aim is to correct functional problems that result to jaw pains. You can seek surgical treatments from the professional Orthodontists in Stafford following their popularity in handling such cases. Call us now for a complimentary consultation!

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What Causes Abnormal Jaw Pains and How to Treat It

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