Connection of Science and Love

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Smile Quote No. 38:“Science teaches to think but love teaches to smile.”- Santosh Kalwar

When children won't smile or laugh because someone will make fun of their teeth, it breaks parents' hearts. Science exists to make life better and healthier. Unqualified love brought science into existence to begin with. Orthodontists are schooled in how the placement of the jaw and teeth affect the face and head. Orthodontists know science, but they know about love, too. They want the chance to exercise both for the benefit of the child who wants to smile.

About Teen Teeth:

Teen jaws are still growing. This creates an environment in which many dental conditions could become serious.

  •  Overcrowded teeth are prey to eruptions and infection
  •  Protruding teeth are subject to accidents
  •  Sometimes there is no space for adult teeth to erupt
  •  Malformed jawlines may be trained into order

How Invisalign Works:

X-rays and an impression will be made of the teeth. Depending on the teen and the doctor's views of how the teeth should look, the doctor will send the impression to Invisalign with his recommendations. Invisalign will make a set of aligners to fit the teeth. Each set is worn for two weeks. At this time, the teeth should have moved a few millimeters. The next set will move them still more, and so on until the teeth are aligned the way the teen and doctor wants them. It takes time, but the aligners may only be removed for eating, brushing and flossing. Built-in tabs tell the orthodontist if the child is wearing his aligner. A retainer will be worn following treatment to insure the teeth stay straight.

Prices vary depending on location and extent of the work required. Generally, Invisalign costs the same as metal braces, about $5,000. Call Beecroft Orthodontics today for a free consultation.

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Connection of Science and Love

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