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Limitations of Early Orthodontic Treatment

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Early orthodontic evaluation is the foundation to a lifetime of oral health. Pediatric patients seeking orthodontic treatment in have access to wide range of diagnostic practitioner services.

Why Early Orthodontic Intervention

Most orthodontic specialists acknowledge that patients who receive early orthodontic examination, are less likely to sustain oral health issues later. The aesthetic benefits of early orthodontic treatment are undeniable. Interceptive treatments are is one of the best ways of ensuring that a child’s mouth and dental structure conform to corrective intervention.

For uninterrupted adult tooth growth, early orthodontic treatment is an exceptional measure. Normally performed in a two-step process, teeth straightening is a preventive method of mitigating dental problems such as impacted teeth, and arbitrary growth. While orthodontists have no control over a patients DNA and genetic structure. Limitations in teeth placement and imperfections can be corrected with early preventive intervention.

If a pediatric patient is exhibiting a pronounced over bite or under bite, it is highly probable that this condition is the result of DNA transfer. In the circumstance that a dental feature requires more than a two phase correction process, more extensive interceptive or corrective treatment may be recommended.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 Intervention Plans

Growth stage of a patient will determine prescribed orthodontic intervention. Female patients generally develop dentally up to the age of fifteen, and male patients up to about seventeen years. Early intervention to correct an overbite, is generally conducted prior to teen years.

Phase 1 treatment follow-up in phase 2 may be recommended if the condition has only been partially corrected, or shows signs of re-appearance. The standard diagnostic recommendation for under bite treatment, is normally postponed to the early 20’ to ensure that the correction is sustained.

Orthodontic issues caused by environmental factors, such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing, airway obstruction, and tongue posture, can lead to diagnostic recommendation of correction. If the issue is habit induced, temporary delay in treatment for near future analysis may be adequate interception. In order to prevent a relapse of orthodontic care issues caused by habits or environmental exposure, a treatment assigning modification as the solution to the problem may control for worsening of orthodontic problems.

Finally, orthodontic treatment techniques vary. Some cannot be exercised on pediatric patients until permanent teeth growth is complete. Use of functional appliances that require anchoring to a patient’s teeth, will not function until adult tooth formation is in place.

Early Orthodontic Intervention for Future Oral Health

In spite of the limitations to early treatment, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages such as accrued costs. Simplify orthodontic mouth care with early interceptive treatment. Reduce the potential need for extensive surgery later. Conversion of issues early to low level intervention may be followed by self-monitoring treatment plan.

If you are interested in early orthodontic evaluation or braces, contact us at Beecroft Orthodontics for orthodontic treatment in Virginia.

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A Stitch in Time...

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