Let your Smile Run Free

Beecroft OrthodonticsSmile Quote No. 37: “You shouldn’t never regret something that made you smile”- Bei Maejor

It's true that you want to look back on the happy moments in your life with joy; however, you might be afraid to offer a hearty smile if your teeth are crooked. Preventing your children from experiencing this aggravating situation is your goal right now, and speaking with a professional orthodontist is a wise way to address some of your most burning questions.

The first question your children are likely asking themselves is, "Do I need braces?" While your regular dentist may suggest that your children might need braces, only an orthodontist can answer with certainty. During the initial consultation, the orthodontist, who is a professional in braces, will determine not only if your children need braces, but also want type would be best suited for them.

In the past, braces were just braces. However, now a wide range of options exist, and trying to understand them all yourself can be overwhelming. Working with an orthodontist means you'll be exposed to the various options available at that particular office. As you are learning about the choices for your children, you might realize that braces could be of benefit to you too. For example, many adults with teeth issues choose to have Invisalign. They can strengthen their smile, but no one will know that they have braces.

While you want your children to have the best options for their teeth possible, you also need to get affordable braces. When you're speaking with the orthodontist, let him or her know your specific budget for this health care necessity. Additionally, ask if payment plans are available so that you can pay off the braces over time. Calling us at Beecroft Orthodontics now allows you to set up an appointment with a professional and start working toward a happier smile.

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Let your Smile Run Free

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