Do Braces Make the Roots of Your Teeth Shorter?

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One of the many common questions among many orthodontic patients regarding the process of getting braces is whether or not the treatment with braces makes the roots of a person’s teeth shorter.

Braces work by creating tiny cramps around each tooth which cause an old bone to disappear. In turn, a new bone grows and develops taking the place of the dissolved old one. This is an entirely normal process and what mainly causes the teeth to move into the desired alignment.

But, do braces shorten the length of the roots of a person’s teeth? This may be a common concern, but is rarely an issue among patients who undergo treatment with braces. Approximately 1 – 2 % of all the patients experience symptoms of shortening of the roots of the teeth or “root resorption”, as commonly termed. Typically, root resorption happens to patients who are genetically susceptible to such case. In very seldom cases, this condition can also occur when the teeth are moved either too quickly or too slowly.

Seeing that genetics plays a major role in this condition, it is crucial for the orthodontist to know their patient’s family medical history records. Orthodontic experts usually use x-rays to determine the level of susceptibility and possible location of root resorption before the commencement of an orthodontic treatment.  With the help of the Fredericksburg orthodontics experts who are adequately equipped with professional skills and techniques, root resorption can be predicted, prevented, and treated.

If a family member is experiencing root resorption symptoms and for more information and details regarding root resorption, call Fredericksburg Orthodontics and set up a consultation appointment right away. With your Fredericksburg orthodontics professional, regularly monitoring and analyzing your oral status with the use of modern orthodontic technology, root resorption and all other risks of an orthodontic treatment will be prevented and managed well.

Benefits of an Orthodontic Treatment

There are numerous benefits of orthodontic treatments. One of the most obvious physical improvements is the changes in the patient's smile which significantly affects his/her self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as his/her overall self-image. For people who have their teeth misalignment problems fixed by undergoing orthodontic treatment, smiling becomes easy and natural and is no longer a conscious effort. Studies have shown that people who smile more often genuinely enjoy more fruitful social lives and are less likely to get depressed than those who smile less.

Aside from an enhanced smile and general physical appearance, there are also other important benefits orthodontic treatment has to offer including an improved oral health and  prevention of problems associated with bite or jaw irregularities. Patients who suffer from misalignment of teeth and jaw irregularities have difficulty maintaining their dental hygiene making them more susceptible to oral disease.  Improperly positioned and overlapping teeth easily wear and are hard to clean. This increases risks of tooth breakage or injury, tooth decay, gum problems and other health problems.

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Orthodontic treatments go beyond giving the patients a beautiful a smile, boosting their personal confidence, and helping them maintain proper oral hygiene. Orthodontic treatments also improve the patient's ability to function, like eating, talking and sleeping. Crooked teeth and incorrect bites can interfere with proper chewing or biting and pronouncing certain words correctly. Another problem associated with having misaligned bite is a serious sleep disorder called sleep apnea in which breathing stops periodically during sleep. In worse cases, misaligned teeth and jaw irregularities can lead to Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ disorders which cause severe pain in the head, neck, face and along the jaw lines. Undoubtedly, an orthodontic treatment is also, in many cases, medically necessary in order for a patient to properly perform their routine functions and to prevent problems that could lead to more serious complications later on in life.

Orthodontic Treatment Cost

While orthodontic treatments undeniably yield great results, the cost is a separate issue to worry about. This is what sometimes hold the patients and the parents back from considering orthodontic treatments. However, financial concerns should not stand in the way of an outstanding smile, excellent overall health condition, and exceptional well-being. Crooked teeth and jaw irregularities, if ignored or not treated early, could lead to higher risks of heart problems and more severe symptoms, such as mouth infections, serious gum diseases, and tooth decay or loss. These problems can cost more money than getting orthodontic treatment in the long run. Indeed, investing in orthodontic treatment is an investment in your health - physical, mental, and emotional.

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If you have dental condition issues, such as the above-mentioned problems, do not hesitate to visit an orthodontic expert in Fredericksburg who is always committed to help you with your orthodontic concerns. Personally discuss with the orthodontist your dental issues and full medical history in order for him/her to determine the best option suited for you.

Getting the Right Orthodontist

Fredericksburg Orthodontics experts understand how costly orthodontic treatments are. It is our goal to provide our patients with quality orthodontic treatments that fit their budget. While treatment costs vary depending on the severity of the patients’ dental issues, Fredericksburg Orthodontics ensure more manageable and more convenient payment schemes. Call Fredericksburg Orthodontics now to discuss about the best orthodontic treatment for you, the payment methods, dental insurance and plans.

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Do Braces Make the Roots of Your Teeth Shorter?

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