I Want a Perfect Smile When My Braces Come Off!

GIF courtesy of giphy.com Both you and your child know that getting braces removed is a major milestone to look forward to after many weeks of treatment. However, it’s not uncommon for young patients to be a little overwhelmed when they first have their braces removed. Seeing such a big change in their appearance can be a shock, even when it’s a major improvement like a beautifully aligned teeth.

An appointment to get braces removed can go as smoothly as possible when you and your child are aware of a few simple ways to care for their smile during the weeks and months leading up to this big event.

Proper Tooth Care When Wearing Braces

Many patients can't wait to get out of their braces, but there's a lot your child can do while they’re still wearing them to ensure a perfect smile as soon as possible after the removal appointment. There are also a few ways to help kids and teens feel a little better about their smile during the time they’re in braces. If they’re facing a longer period in braces based on the recommendations of your Stafford orthodontist, see if you can choose from some different options that will work with their teeth and their treatment plan. Metal brackets are more noticeable, so consider taking look at examples of ceramic braces pictures - these clear brackets blend in better and stand out less.

Another advantage to ceramic brackets is that it may be easier to notice the staining that can occur if the patient is not taking proper care of the area around the bracket. While cleaning teeth around braces can be tough and time-consuming, it’s important to establish a thorough routine so your child doesn't have to face the extra effort of removing built-up stains or tartar after that long-anticipated removal appointment. Taking off braces only to see temporary staining can be a big disappointment for teens. Mouth rinses and specialized brushes that can fit behind wires and closely clean around brackets are just a few options that can help them feel great about a perfect smile as soon as their braces come off.

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Caring for a New Smile

The surfaces of your child’s teeth will be completely exposed for the first time in a while, and along with your Stafford orthodontist's efforts to carefully clean extra glue and residue off the teeth during the removal process, your child will probably experience extra sensitivity. Help them ease into adding new or more challenging foods into their routine, and take note of anything that creates sensitivity. Typical culprits are very cold or hot foods and drinks, acidic foods and drinks like juices, or extremely crunchy or chewy foods. While there are probably some favorites they’ve missed out on while wearing metal or ceramic braces, encourage them to take time reintroducing new elements back into their diet.

Likewise, while a follow up dental cleaning can be a good idea after a long period of time in braces, you’ll want to give their teeth and gums time to recover and re-acclimate before getting a dental cleaning, or, if needed, bleaching and whitening procedures. Work with your orthodontist to determine the best schedule for follow-up treatments that can perfect the look of their smile without exacerbating the sensitivity of those newly-freed teeth.

Wearing a Retainer

In most cases, your child will be fitted for a retainer at the removal appointment, and given a schedule of how often to wear it. Initially, they’ll probably need to wear it throughout much of the day to help their teeth maintain the position set by the braces. As time passes, they may only need to wear them nightly or less frequently.

Just as you helped them care for their braces to avoid staining and other issues, retainers also need to be properly cared for. Retainers should be rinsed and cleansed regularly with the right products to prevent build up and keep them fresh.

Teens and kids can find it a bit frustrating to transition into a new appliance immediately after getting out of braces. A lower retainer in particular can feel very obtrusive and make it difficult to talk. Take time to practice talking with them at home where they feel comfortable so they can get used to the feel of the retainer and feel more confident when they wear it out. While it may not be immediately comfortable, avoiding wearing the retainer can undo all those efforts put in by their braces by letting the teeth move back out of alignment. Help remind your kids that they’ve done a lot to create their new smile, and following through with a retainer will put the finishing touches on it

Celebrate Your Smile

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It might have been several months since your child last saw or pictured themselves without braces. Be sure to acknowledge the journey they’ve been on and the important step you’ve taken to promote great orthodontic health. Your Stafford orthodontist will likely have taken a ‘before’ picture when your child first started treatment. Both of you will be amazed when you compare the ‘after’ and see how far they’ve come. After they’re out of their metal or ceramic braces, pictures taken professionally are a great way to reward them and celebrate their new smile. For teens getting ready for senior pictures, it will be a great feeling when they can enjoy their new smile and see how they look without braces.

Take the First Step to a Perfect Smile

Whether your child is intimidated by the idea of wearing braces, or your teen isn’t feeling confident about their smile, Beecroft Orthodontics can help you discover the right treatment plan. Contact our offices in Stafford, Fredericksburg and King George and set your appointment. We’ll help you find the right treatment options and care for their smile so both you and your child can feel confident and happy with the results.

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I Want a Perfect Smile When My Braces Come Off!

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