Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 1: Apples

1Teeth-Friendly-BeecroftMany parents believe that the only way their children can maintain clean and healthy teeth is by brushing and flossing alone. Yet, the truth is that many different types of fruits and vegetables offer additional benefits.

Why Apples?

Unpeeled apples are one of the best teeth-friendly fruits that adults and children can eat.

Texture Benefits

Their crunchy, fibrous nature makes them a natural toothbrush that can remove other food particles, root-level plaque buildup and some yellow stains while stimulating the gums. Although their sugar content means that they can't replace a toothbrush, toothpaste, flossing and mouthwash, eating them as a snack can help keep the mouth healthy between morning and nighttime at-home cleanings.

Chewing Benefits

Whenever a person chews food, the salivary glands in the mouth immediately start to increase the flow of saliva. This fluid is important because it rinses away any stray food particles that can cause cavities. Saliva also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that help rebuild tooth enamel.

What about Peeled Apples?

Peeled ones help to some extent, but to a far lesser degree than unpeeled ones. Without the fibrous peel and unprocessed crunchy texture, small particles act just like particles from non-beneficial foods. Their sugar content, when their made into sauce, juice and other processed foodstuffs, can also be a lot higher. As a result, the particles stick to teeth and braces far easier than larger, less sticky-sweet pieces. As peeled ones require less chewing, they also do not provide as many saliva-related teeth cleaning and repair benefits.

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Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 1: Apples

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