Light Up the Darkness; Smile


Smile Quote No. 19: A Smile can Brighten the Darkest Day!

It would be fantastic if you had such an awesome smile that on a gloomy day your presence could add a sparkle like no one else’s could do. However, if your teeth are preventing you from doing this because you have overbite, then Beecroft Orthodontics has a life changing solution available for you.

An overbite is quite a common orthodontic problem and it is when your top teeth almost completely cover the bottom row. A 100% overbite is when the row of top teeth completely covers the bottom row. Many people do have overbite to varying degrees but often not so serious that treatment is necessary.  With new treatment options such as Invisalign which are teeth aligners that straighten teeth and clear braces such as Lingual braces more people are opting for the treatment of overbites.

Beecroft Orthodontics suggests that if you have overbite it can lead to a number of problems involving jaw function and poor teeth appearance. Unnecessary eroding of tooth enamel can increase the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. A serious overbite could alter your facial appearance and may even cause you to appear not as attractive as you could be.

An orthodontist has a variety of options available for treatment including teeth straightening, braces or, in the worst situation, surgery. A serious overbite could take two and a half years to correct. The best time to correct this condition is in childhood before full development of the jaw.

If you would really like to brighten up someone’s day with a brilliant smile but your overbite is preventing you from reaching your potential, then arranging a consultation with Beecroft Orthodontics will be the first step to your dream smile.

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