Smile: A Life Straightening Technique


Smile Quote No. 20: A Smile is a Curve that Sets Everything Straight

Crooked teeth can stop you from making a neat curve when you smile, but with modern orthodontic techniques your smile can again set everything straight. Beecroft Orthodontics provides a professional service for fixing teeth problems.

Crooked teeth can occur for a number of reasons. These include genetics, when baby or adult teeth are lost too early, gum disease, inaccurately placed crowns or fillings, a misaligned jaw and thumb sucking. Also, if a baby uses a pacifier for too long, this could cause the development of crooked teeth.

Apart from spoiling your smile, if you fail to do something about your crooked teeth then it makes chewing more difficult, teeth cleaning becomes harder and more drawn out and gum disease and tooth decay could take place too.

If you make an appointment at Beecroft Orthodontics and it is found that your teeth are misaligned, your speech is affected by your crooked teeth, normal biting and chewing is affected and your facial appearance appears distorted, then a course of treatment will be recommended.  This may include the use of braces, Invisalign teeth aligners, accelerated orthodontics, porcelain veneers as well as reshaping and re contouring the teeth.

As soon as the treatment starts then you will notice a great improvement in your facial appearance. People will want to look into your face and not away from it. You will be looking for every opportunity to smile from ear to ear without feeling self-conscious. All this is a result of seeking a solution to gaining that smile you have always dreamed about.

If you, or a member of your family, think you need orthodontic treatment to improve your smile and you live in Fredericksburg, VA then call Beecroft Orthodontics to arrange a consultation.

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Virginia Phone: 540-898-2200

Smile: A Life Straightening Technique

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