Smile and See a Big Difference in Your Life

Beecroft-SQ10-Sep “Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you'll start to see a big difference in your life.” – Yoko Ono People who smile in the mirror take a step toward self-motivation, encouragement and acknowledgement. A smile every morning means that a person is happy to be alive and awake today.

Smiles are extremely contagious and uplifting. Therefore, one smile a day should be beneficial for all people. The morning is not the only time that a smile should be exhibited. Every person should try to always smile no matter what he or she is experiencing. A reliable orthodontist’s office can help a person to maintain a beautiful smile that will keep him or her in good spirits.

Smiling Promotes Laughter

The best thing about smiling in the mirror is that it promotes additional smiling as well as laughter. A person who smiles in the mirror will immediately notice the beauty that exists in his or her face. Smiling may cause that person to let go and enjoy a burst of laughter. Laughter changes the brain chemicals temporarily, and those brain chemicals can bring forth happiness that lasts for several hours. A first morning smile has the power to keep a person positive for an entire day. Scheduling regular orthodontic and dental appointments can ensure that a person’s smile remains intact and beautiful. Dental patients can have their cleanings scheduled for once every six months. An orthodontist such as the specialists at Beecroft can help a client to take care of all other aspects of maintaining and uplifting a smile. Braces and plastic aligners can correct awkward or crooked smiles.


Colorful braces can keep a child’s teeth straight, and they can keep a smile on the child’s face because his or her peers will think they are awesome. Beecroft has a number of smile enriching opportunities for people who schedule their appointments on time. Interested persons can dial 540 898 2200.

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Smile and See a Big Difference in Your Life

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