There Is a Thin Line between Smile and Laughter - Santosh Salwar

3 In Beecroft Orthodontics, they certainly know the difference between a smile and a laughter. They are aware of the fact that while people can smile for different reasons, one can only truly laugh when they are experiencing true joy and happiness. But if your child isn't happy with their smile, they may not want to smile or laugh out loud.

The staff at Beecroft Orthodontics wants the world to keep smiling and laughing, so this blog post will tell you the top three reasons why your child should see an orthodontist today.

1) To Give Your Child a Unique and Specialized Treatment Plan

There's only one of your child, therefore there can only be one treatment plan that would be right for them. When you put your trust into the hands of an orthodontist - one who has trained for two additional years after dental school - you can rest assured that your child will receive top-notch treatment from these expert practitioners.

2) To Make Your Child's Bite Nice

Your child's bite is a complex mechanism that is made up of teeth, jaws, muscles and gums. Your orthodontist's goal is to give them a healthy, functioning bite that will enable them to eat, speak and operate normally. The orthodontist works to make sure that each separate element works together in the best way for your child.

3) To Make Your Child Look and Feel Good

Beecroft Orthodontics believes in the power of a beautiful, healthy smile. By coming into the office and getting treatment from Dr. Beecroft and his colleagues, you're ensuring a future for your child that includes a gorgeous, winning smile that will make them feel beautiful.

Everyone here at Dr. Beecroft's office is available to address any and all concerns. Call or email the office during business hours to get your questions answered. Or you could just contact us to hear some more smile quotes. Either way, we’d be happy to assist you.

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There Is a Thin Line between Smile and Laughter - Santosh Salwar

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