A Smile is so much more than a Simple Curve


Smile Quote No. 25: Every Time You Smile at Someone, it's an Act of Love, a Gift to that Person, a Beautiful Thing!

Unfortunately not everyone has just the right smile. You might have slightly misaligned teeth that give a crooked edge to your smile. Your teeth may even protrude which could have been caused by overuse of a pacifier when a baby or incessant thumb sucking. Whatever the cause of that crooked smile, Beecroft Orthodontics in Stafford VA will change your life forever by innovative techniques they use to correct crooked smiles. You may think that you will be asked to wear clumsy braces in your mouth for months on end. Today this is not the case, as Invisalign has changed the face of teeth straightening forever.

If your misalignment is mild to moderate, then Invisalign will straighten your teeth in no time at all. These braces come in clear plastic which are barely noticeable and can be removed for cleaning, thus enabling the recipient to clean harmful plaque and dangerous bacteria from between the teeth.

The treatment length is longer than metal braces or lingual braces as the force is less when moving the teeth, but at least no one will know you are wearing them. Beecroft Orthodontics will recommend this treatment if they think it is right for you.

If you or a member of your family has a crooked smile and you live in Fredericksburg, VA, whether it is a child or adult, then it is never too late to do something about it.  All you need to do is to arrange a consultation at Beecroft Orthodontics, where a skilled and experienced orthodontist will offer you the best treatment options so that great smile of yours will radiate through to others.

Beecroft Orthodontics, 10472 Georgetown Dr. Fredericksburg, Virginia

Phone: 540-898-2200

A Smile is so much more than a Simple Curve

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