Your Teeth are Priceless


Smile Quote No. 26: Every Tooth in a Man's Head is Worth More Than a Diamond

Teeth are certainly essential and once you have gained your permanent teeth they are irreplaceable, through natural processes at least. However, too many teeth can be a problem, especially if you wish to show off your great smile. Overlapping teeth or teeth that are almost on top of each other affect the way you talk, eat and smile. Modern orthodontic techniques at Beecroft Orthodontics can put an end to all your overcrowding problems.

Overcrowding can occur when your teeth and gums grow at different rates. Teeth sometimes grow far too close together, too. The problem of overcrowding can be caused by a cleft palate when the palates two plates fail to join correctly or even an unfortunate combination of parents’ genes can sometimes result in overcrowding. An accident resulting in an injury to the jaw can also affect the position of your teeth.

There are a variety of treatment options available to correct overcrowding, including orthodontic procedures, such as the installation of braces. These can straighten the teeth, thus relieving the appearance of overcrowding. If the teeth appear rough or jagged in appearance, then a combination of orthodontic and traditional dentistry techniques can resolve the problem. This can include the re-shaping of the gums, teeth removal, the bonding of porcelain veneers as well as braces or Invisalign which in combination can produce a new facial appearance and smile.

If you have overcrowded teeth and you are conscious about your facial appearance, especially when you smile and you live in Fredericksburg, VA then you should not delay and arrange an appointment with Beecroft Orthodontists who have a specialist ready to give you advice and offer various treatment options.

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Your Teeth are Priceless

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