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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 4: Broccoli Cheese Soup

broccoli cheese soup

Enjoy a Tooth Friendly Recipe to Strengthen Your Bones and Teeth

While you are wearing braces or aligners, you need to eat nutritious food in order to keep your teeth, bones and gums healthy. Your orthodontist will provide a list of foods that you cannot eat to avoid damaging the brackets or wires of your braces. It is not a good idea to chew hard or sticky vegetables or potato chips but soft cooked foods are an excellent choice for a meal. Broccoli cheese soup is a great food to have for lunch or dinner, and it contains numerous vitamins and minerals, including:

• Calcium • Vitamin A • Zinc • Vitamin K • Manganese • Vitamin C • Folate • Riboflavin • Vitamin B • Protein

How to Make Delicious Homemade Broccoli Cheese Soup

When you make soup, you need to chop the ingredients into tiny pieces before cooking it until it is tender. For this soup, you can use fresh or frozen broccoli. Melt a small amount of butter in a stockpot over low heat before adding some minced onion. Add your favorite flavor of cheese cubes such as cheddar, and after the cheese melts, add milk and a tiny amount of garlic powder. Next, add the fresh or frozen chopped broccoli to the soup mixture. While these ingredients heat on the stove, mix cornstarch with water in a bowl to add to the hot soup to thicken it. Stir the ingredients slowly while the soup becomes thicker, and serve it immediately.

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 4: Broccoli Cheese Soup

Tooth-Friendly Recipe 3: Celery Root Soup

celery root soup

Make Hot Nutritious Soup On a Cold Winter Day

Celery root soup is the perfect lunch or dinner on a cold winter day, and your orthodontist will recommend consuming soft foods that are easy to chew. Fresh vegetables offer numerous nutrients that can keep you energized during your orthodontic treatment. Celery root contains these vitamins and minerals:

• Phosphorus • Vitamin K • Manganese • Vitamin B6 • Iron • Vitamin C • Riboflavin • Thiamin

Buy These Ingredients at the Supermarket to Make a Tasty Healthy Soup

Cooking this healthy soup is easy when you have the right ingredients. For this tooth friendly recipe, you will need:

• Canned vegetable or chicken broth • Salt • Russet potatoes • Garlic • Pepper • Olive oil • Celery root

Pour the chicken or vegetable broth in a stockpot to heat over a hot burner on a stove. Wash and peel the russet potatoes and celery root before chopping the vegetables into small cubes. Place the chopped vegetables in the hot broth along with a small amount of olive oil, salt and pepper. Cook the vegetables in the broth until the potatoes and celery root are tender. Pour this mixture into a blender or food processor to puree it into a thick celery root soup. You can eat this tooth friendly recipe immediately, or you can refrigerate it to eat the next day.

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 3: Celery Root Soup