Tooth-Friendly Recipe 5: Avocado Yogurt Dip

avocado yogurt dip

Make This Yummy Recipe In Only a Few Minutes

Avocado yogurt dip tastes delicious as a sandwich spread on whole-wheat toast, and it is easy to prepare in only a few minutes. When you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is vital to eat soft foods. It is essential to consume numerous minerals and vitamins to keep your bones and teeth healthier throughout your orthodontic treatment. Avocados are tasty, and this food also contains these nutrients:

• Vitamin B6 • Potassium • Vitamin K • Zinc • Folate • Magnesium • Riboflavin • Vitamin E • Iron • Niacin

How to Prepare this Tooth Friendly Recipe for a Meal

To make an avocado yogurt dip, you need to buy several ingredients at the supermarket, including:

• Plain yogurt • Onions • Avocados • Limes • Salt • Pepper

In addition, buy a loaf of your favorite whole-wheat bread to make toast for your sandwich. One avocado is enough for a sandwich, and you need to wash it before slicing it lengthwise to remove the large pit. Scrape the avocado's flesh into a bowl and puree it with a fork. Next, stir in black pepper, salt, plain yogurt, minced onion and lime juice. Spread this mixture on a slice of whole-wheat toast before placing another slice of whole-wheat toast on top. Cut this sandwich into four sections, and eat this yummy recipe right away.

Learn More About Braces and Aligners at Beecroft Orthodontics

If you like this tooth friendly recipe, then make sure to visit Beecroft Orthodontics in Virginia to learn more about taking care of your teeth and gums. When you have misaligned teeth, we recommend wearing aligners or braces to correct the malocclusions. Dr. Matt Beecroft offers several types of orthodontic treatments, including:

• Surgical orthodontics • Invisalign aligners • Metal braces • Incognito braces • WildSmile brackets

We also have three offices where you can schedule an appointment. Call one of these facilities today:

• Stafford – 540-659-6300 • King George – 540-775-2022 • Fredericksburg – 540-898-2200

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 5: Avocado Yogurt Dip

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