Why Should I Feel Confident about Invisalign?

If you are concerned about the alignment of your teeth when you smile, Invisalign could be the adjustment solution gif courtesy of giphy.com

you are looking for. Often, straightening a smile with braces can be painful and embarrassing. The straightening process can take months or years, and the brackets are visible the entire time. Tightening can leave you feeling uncomfortable and brackets sometimes rub when they are re-banded. Many people wonder though and ask themselves this:why should I feel confident about Invisalign? The answers can be found below.

What Is Invisalign?

The Invisalign system is one of the simplest innovations on the market to adjust yourteeth. Invisalign utilizes a series of aligners to correct the structure of the teeth. Aligners are clear, plastic trays that can be easily removed to allow the wearer to eat foods that normally would not be allowed with traditional braces. The aligner's removal allows for greater flossing flexibility and also makes brushing easier. This also decreases the odd "square staining" that can occur when using braces. Invisalign isn't just for adults. Invisalign Teen for adolescents are also available. Invisalign Teen can help teens maintain self-confidence while having their smile aligned. Invisalign is practically see-through. This eliminates the need for teens to constantly hide their beautiful smiles. The easy removal also allows them to continue to eat their favorite foods without worrying about "popping a bracket." The smooth plastic makes Invisalign easier to manage with less discomfort.

How Do I Talk to My Orthodontist about Invisalign?

Here at Beecroft Orthodontics, our patients must first have a consultation with the orthodontist to see if Invisalign is right for them. The orthodontist captures X-rays and composes a digital 3-D image of the patients’ teeth. Using this custom image, the orthodontist is able to design an aligner tray that fits perfectly to the patients smile. The same 3-D image can be used to project the future movement and eventual straightening of the patient's smile.

If you are located in Virginia, and are interested in Invisalign, Beecroft Orthodontics is the place to go. We are proud to offer Stafford orthodontic treatment by Dr. Beecroft and associates. Please contact us to schedule with our orthodontist, Dr. Matt Beecroft or one of his valued associates. We have three convenient office locations in Virginia: our Fredericksburg office can be reached at (540) 898-2200, our Stafford office can be reached at (540) 659-6300 and our King George office can be reached at (540) 775-2022. What Are Some Invisalign Frequently Asked Questions?

How Long Will I Have to Wear Invisalign?

For the average adult, Invisalign aligner trays should be worn for 20 to 22 hours a day. These trays are replaced close to every two weeks. There will be an average of between 18 and 30 trays made for each adult patient. Often, the patient visits with the orthodontist every six weeks to ensure that the alignment is on track. After the alignment has been successfully completed, adult patients may have to continue wearing a retainer to ensure permanency of the smile. This process averages about a year.

How Do I Clean Invisalign Clear Aligners





Does Invisalign Hurt?

Because the trays are molded using custom bite imaging, the trays are designed specifically for the patients’ comfort. While all adjusting has some degree of discomfort associated with it, Invisalign gently adjusts the bite. The plastic trays also ensure that there are no wire pokes, no bracket rubs or other discomforts.

How Many People Really Use Invisalign?

With its transparent appearance and its easily removable trays, Invisalign is popular among many adults and teenagers. Thousands of other people worldwide are wearing Invisalign. Invisalign is very popular among celebrities: Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise and Katherine Heigl to name a few.

How Much Will Invisalign Cost?

We recommend discussing Invisalign costs when you schedule your consultation appointment. Projected length of time, current dental alignment and desired results all play a role in the costs for the alignment. Once you have established a price range with Dr. Beecroft, you can contact your insurance company. Depending on your insurer, you could dramatically reduce costs. The insurance agency could potentially cover the entire cost of the alignment. If they choose to cover a part of the procedure, this can still reduce the total cost for you.

Sometimes, your orthodontist will recommend having Invisalign sooner rather than later. Beecroft Orthodontics understands that in this economy, sometimes money is not readily available for everyone who needs an alignment in a short amountof time. Please ask our offices about payment plans that are available. These plans offer affordable payment options that divide the costs to allow the customer to make smaller payments rather than a lump sum.

To discuss your options, please call a representative from Beecroft Orthodontics on 540-898-2200.

We want to see you smile!

Don't hide your smile anymore. Contact Beecroft Orthodontics today to schedule your consultation. We are easily

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reached at our three office locations:

  • The Fredericksburg office line is (540) 898-2200
  • The Stafford office line is (540) 659-6300
  • The King George line is (540) 775-2022

We are the top orthodontist performing Invisalign in the Stafford area. We want you to love your smile. Call or come in today and ask about our complimentary consultation offer.



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Why Should I Feel Confident about Invisalign?

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