An Honest Smile Is an Icebreaker

6 The verdict is in, and science has proven once again that an honest smile is an ice breaker.

Studies show that people are much more accepting of positive emotions when forming bonds than they are to negative ones such as contempt, sadness, or anger.

However, they vividly warn against faking it. People can spot a fake smile a mile away.

Science concludes that people who display the so-called Duchenne smile give off positive emotions, whereas other types were viewed as being too fake or, in some cases, not genuine enough. Thus, an honest smile begins with having a positive attitude.

The new study, conducted by Belinda Campos of the University of Southern California, published May, concludes, "A genuine smile is seen as a reliable sign of affiliation and willingness to cooperate with others." However, the study also concludes that if a fake smile is perceived, trust is lost.

How Can A Smile Be Confident?

An honest smile begins with the right attitude. Are you willing to cooperate with the person you're interacting with? If not, your smiling will probably lack confidence. Hence, it truly begins with how you feel in any given situation. So, make sure to keep a positive vibe going into new social situations.

An honest smile also begins with self-esteem. Regular visits to the orthodontist and biannual teeth cleanings help patients feel better about themselves; living a healthy lifestyle and spending time around loved ones also boosts confidence. In other words, just treating yourself right goes a long way in how you intrinsically present yourself to others.

Rule of Thumb: A Smile Is an Icebreaker

Making eye contact with the person you're meeting leaves strong impressions no matter how well you know the person. Try it out yourself the next time you meet someone. Take a second to study their face, their smile, and make strong eye contact with them. Is this someone you're willing to cooperate with? According to the study, determining whether you want to affiliate with this person during this brief moment can also determine the kind of relationship you will have moving forward. Just be sure to own the moment and give them a big smile!

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An Honest Smile Is an Icebreaker

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