Are Braces Painful?

One of the most common questions patients and parents have when they first visit Beecroft Orthodontics is, "Are braces painful?" And of course this is a natural and normal question, especially if you have never had braces before! The good news is, there are so many different ways to straighten and align teeth today. There are different

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approaches depending on your specific bite issues and your smile goals. For kids, the fun Wild Smiles braces make wearing braces and getting check-ups fun and exciting.

In this post, learn more about what you can expect when you first get braces.

First Things First, Are Braces Painful?

Each patient will have a different experience of having braces installed and wearing their braces. Some of the variances will relate to your pain tolerance and some to the amount of adjustment and movement your teeth require to achieve your smile goals.

However, you will likely feel the most discomfort, if any, when your braces have been newly installed. This is when most patients report that they feel a bit more tenderness or soreness because the teeth and gums are getting used to the presence of braces.

After this, your mouth will get used to the braces. The only time in the future when you may feel some discomfort is during adjustments.

6 Different Types of Braces to Choose From

When you come in for your initial orthodontic consultation, you will have a chance to talk with your orthodontist about different options for straightening and aligning your teeth so you can achieve your dental health and smile goals.

Here are the 6 different types of braces you can choose from:

- Standard metal braces. Stainless steel standard metal braces are both cost efficient and effective. These durable, reliable braces use a system of rubber bands to make smaller adjustments to ensure that teeth are moved to the desired positions. For children, the Wild Smiles metal braces line can make a fun and snazzy alternative that eases the process of getting braces put on and adjusted.

- Lingual braces. Lingual braces are installed on the reverse side of the teeth, which means they have earned the nickname of "invisible" braces.

- Ceramic braces. Ceramic braces can also appear invisible to a degree, since the ceramic used is colored to match your natural tooth color. They are slightly more fragile than their traditional metal peers.

- Gold braces. Gold braces are simply colored gold instead of silver. There is no other substantial difference.

- Invisalign (clear braces). Invisalign uses a series of removable inserts in place of fixed placement braces. This means that Invisalign can be removed for special occasions as well as to eat, floss and brush teeth. However, they should be worn for at least 22 hours per day on average for best results. Because the inserts are not made of metal, many patients report they find Invisalign to be a more comfortable alternative to traditional braces.

Dentist Vs Orthodontist

It is important to talk with your orthodontist and choose the braces system that is the best fit for your needs and goals. While treatment times vary from patient to patient, the minimum time is typically at least six months, and for some patients with particular dental needs, treatment can last as long as 30 months.

Where Retainers Fit In

You will wear your selected system of braces until the desired results have been achieved. At this time, your orthodontist may recommend a temporary and/or permanent retainer to help hold the teeth in their final post-orthodontia position.

For younger patients in particular, regular wearing of the retainer is important, since the teeth and jaw may still be moving and growing. The retainer system is designed to keep the teeth in place during future growth spurts.

For adult patients as well, the use of retainers can safeguard the results of a course of orthodontic treatment. Often, a permanent retainer will be placed across the lower front teeth and a customized removable retainer will be made to wear on the upper set of teeth.

You will need to wear your removable retainer as often as possible to ensure your freshly corrected bite stays in position permanently after your braces come off.

Special Concerns about Braces

If you play a sport or a musical instrument, you may wonder how having braces will affect these hobbies. The good news here is, patients who play sports or musical instruments report that there is an initial period of adjustment when they are getting used to wearing braces. But after that initial adjustment period is over, they can go back to their regular hobbies with no real impact from the presence of their braces.

One word of caution: if you play contact sports, it is very important to wear a helmet while you are having orthodontic treatment. This will protect your mouth and your braces and ensure you will have the treatment outcome you are hoping for.

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If you are seeking an orthodontist who can consult with you about orthodontic braces in Fredericksburg, VA, look no

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further than our cozy, friendly King George Braces experts here at Beecroft Orthodontics. Founding orthodontist Matt Beecroft's own father got braces at age 59, and when Matt saw his father smiling, a future orthodontist was born!

Today, we offer braces and orthodontic care for patients of all ages, including Invisalign, a variety of braces styles and our popular Wild Smiles braces program for kids, tween and teens. Contact us today at 540-898-2200 or via our website to schedule your initial consultation.




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Are Braces Painful?

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