Smiling Is an Exercise

7Beecroft Smiling is an exercise that's good for your face and it makes you look so much better. There are so many smile quotes, like Charlie Chaplin's "Smile though your heart is breaking," “a world without smiles is a sad place” and“you are never too old to have a beautiful smile.”

Everyone should smile as often as possible, but if you have a smile that you cover up because you're embarrassed about crooked teeth or not so perfect bite, let us help. We can certainly help children by examining them initially by the age of seven or so to see how well their adult teeth are forming. Some children need braces by age 10 or 11 for one to three years. Teens may require braces a little later as their adult teeth fully form. Adults may need braces as a result of an injury or shift in tooth growth due to missing teeth. No matter what you're situation is, we can help with our caring, compassionate and professional experts.

We offer many types of orthodontic appliances for jaw misalignment, teeth placement and maintenance after wearing braces. Braces for teens and adults are easy to wear, care for and can be completely invisible. There are traditional metal braces with wires and bands that are usually used in younger patients for shorter periods of time. They can switch some of the metal on the outer portion of the teeth for clear plastic or ones with a little color. Older patients generally prefer lingual braces, which are placed completely inside the teeth. Other options include clear plastic braces or clear invisible braces that completely cover the teeth.

Call us for braces Fredericksburg consultation today. Visit our website get familiar with our practice first.

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Smiling Is an Exercise

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