You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile- Martin Charnin

9Beecroft There are many smile quotes but this one is perfect. Dress with a smile. Everyone should do it. It's easy enough. Smiles are the deal makers, the entry points and makers of standout job candidates, and the bit of compassion and joy we all need.

A nice smile doesn't just look nice, it's a sign of good health. When adult teeth grow in crooked or don't align properly in older children, a number of things can happen. It can cause head and jaw pain because the jaw is not sitting correctly. It can lead to malocclusion, or poor bite, in adult teeth. If that is not treated, teeth can grow outward, cause pain and may need to be extracted.

It's important to have children's teeth checked by an orthodontist at around age seven. They can get a good idea at that age whether the baby teeth are healthy and if the adult teeth will come in properly. They may take an X-ray to view the incoming permanent teeth to see if they appear to be growing in correctly.

Early intervention is necessary for orthodontic issues as it will reduce the cost and time needed to repair malocclusions. Your Fredericksburg orthodontic team has a wide range of brace options available from full metal to invisible. They can fit patients with clear braces that are essentially invisible or with some metal or plastic. Some children enjoy picking out a new color every few months. Braces located on just the back of the teeth may be useful for certain orthodontic issues and be invisible to others.

If you don't smile enough or you cover your smile because you're embarrassed about your teeth, talk to our orthodontist. We can help align adult teeth, too! It's never too late to have a great smile. Call us now for more information.

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You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile- Martin Charnin

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