The Benefits of Using a Retainer After Braces

Once a person is finished wearing braces, it is time for them to start wearing a retainer. This is essential to make certain that all the benefits provided by braces are maintained for a lifetime. If someone not wear a retainer after gif courtesy of

braces are removed, there is a very good chance their teeth will return to being misaligned or crooked once again. Studies have shown that the first month without braces are when the teeth are most vulnerable to returning to their old positions.

Fixed Retainers

This type of retainer is commonly a thin wire stretched across the back of a person's upper or lower front teeth. A fixed retainer is bonded in place with dental cement. It is similar to the bonding cement used on the brackets of some types of braces. Cleaning this type of retainer requires the use of a floss threader or another type of specialized cleaning device designed to access the space between the teeth. This is how some people wearing braces have to floss their teeth. This type of retainer does require more effort to clean the teeth when it is in place. It also provides the best outcome. The reason is that the bonded wires hold a patient's newly straightened teeth in place every minute of the day.

Removable Retainers

This type of retainer is also a combination of wires stretched across the upper or lower part of the front teeth. They are able to remain in place with a combination of hooks and acrylic material. These can be put around a patient's back of the teeth to hold the retainer in position. This type of retainer is easier to clean because it is removable. It is important to wear this for the time recommended by the orthodontist though. A patient may be asked to wear this type of retainer day and night for approximately 90 days. If a patient's teeth remain in place, they may be able to start wearing it for only a few hours during the day and night.

Retainer Purpose

The reason for a retainer is to make certain a patient's mouth and teeth maintain proper alignment after braces. The amount of time a retainer must be used after braces will be different for each patient. When braces are removed, the pressure created by a young person's growing body can create a situation where perfectly straight teeth will once again become misaligned. An experienced orthodontist will know the amount of time a retainer needs to be worn. The retainer is able to maintain straight teeth when natural shifting occurs in a patient's mouth. The movement of teeth after braces are removed occurs because of the elastic fibers located in a person's gums. They behave like rubber bands and pull teeth in various directions. A retainer will hold the teeth in place until the gums adapt to the new position.

Other Dental Conditions

There are certain dental conditions that can be corrected without the use of braces. In many of these situations, wearing retainers will be enough to remove gaps between teeth. It is possible when the gaps between teeth are closed, a person will still need to wear a retainer. Another condition that can be corrected with a retainer is a tongue thrust. This is a misalignment so serious a patient's tongue slips between their teeth when speaking. A retainer can also be used to help various bite problems as well as temporomandibular disorder (TMD). These people have a problem with the temporomandibular joint in their jaw. TMD can cause severe pain. It can affect one side of a person's face or both sides. It is a condition that can last for a short time or years.

The Top 10 Orthodontic Facts

Length of Time

The period of time a retainer should be worn is determined by individual situations. An orthodontist will be able to estimate the time required for a patient. It will be based on the bone and tissue surrounding the teeth and how they come into alignment. It is common to wear a retainer until the patient's bite has become stabilized. The first 30 days after the removal of braces is the time a patient is at the greatest risk for their teeth becoming out of alignment. If this happens, a patient's teeth could take at least twelve months to once again become aligned following treatment.

More Effective Chewing

Once braces are off, a retainer helps keep teeth straight and this leads to better chewing. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), teeth that are in alignment are easier to clean. This cuts down on the buildup of plaque, which leads to a decrease in the chance of developing cavities. When a person has straight teeth and the correct bite, they're able to chew their food better. The person who chew their food properly will get the most nutrients from the food they eat. Chewing food thoroughly will cause an increase in saliva production. When this happens, there are more digestive enzymes available to decrease plaque buildup and lower the chances of cavities developing.

Better Breathing

Many patients report to their orthodontist they experience better breathing when they start using a retainer. According to the Consumer Guide to Dentistry, there are certain types of retainers that will help maintain tooth and

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jaw alignment, but also help people breath better. This often happens with a type of retainer designed to be worn during the night.

Diabetes Prevention

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the International Journal of Dentistry (IJD), people who correctly use their retainers are able to dramatically decrease the chance of poor oral health. Research has shown that poor oral health can increase the chances of developing diabetes. It can also make the health of an individual with diabetes worsen. Researchers know the importance of retainers when it comes to maintaining good oral health as well as preventing diabetes and counteracting its related ailments.

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The Benefits of Using a Retainer After Braces

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