Wear a Smile and Have Friends

6Beecroft This "proverb" from the writings of George Elliot, a famous 19th century author definitely holds true. As a woman living in that era, Mary Ann Evans took on the pen name of George Elliot so she could write strong dramatic fiction. She knew from firsthand experience what first impressions could do. For her and her contemporaries, a friendly smile made all the difference in life. The same holds true today. People do tend to steer away from unfriendly scowls. Scowls also cause disfigured faces with lines and wrinkles.

Beautiful, Healthy Smiles Can Change Your Life

It is a known fact that beautiful, healthy smiles can attract people to you. When you wear a smile, it signals to the other person that you are open. You can wear a smile and have friends because they don't feel intimated by you. You project confidence and assurance with your smile.

So what if you are embarrassed by your smile? Your teeth say a lot about you. Crooked or broken teeth, gaps and other deformities often deter people from smiling.

You Can Have the Beautiful Smile you’ve Always Dreamed Of

The orthodontists at Beecroft Orthodontists are highly trained in all areas of orthodontia from the popular Invisalign® braces to the fixed Incognito™ braces. You can have confidence that your teeth problems will be addressed and corrected. Common treatments include the under bite treatment that corrects what is commonly known as a reverse smile effect and the Teeth Crowding treatment that corrects the overlapping effect.

Options for You to Consider with Orthodontics

You have many options. We have advanced orthodontics in Stafford that you can take advantage of and utilize. The dedicated staff at Beecroft Orthodontists can make you smile in Stafford. So why not give them a call at (540)659-6300. You'll be glad you did.

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Wear a Smile and Have Friends

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