A Smile is the Prettiest Thing You Can Wear

3Beecroft-June When it comes to fashion, we all try to find clothes that will match our personality and make us look our best. However, in the midst of all our attempts to dress “just right,” we can easily forget the most important fashion accessory: A smile. When it comes to looking ones’ best, a smile is truly the prettiest thing you can wear.

A Smile Makes You Pretty

Smiling is a natural way to enhance beauty without spending tons of time and money on makeup, hair styles, and clothing. Research shows that people who smile are generally thought of as more attractive, with scans showing that the brain’s “reward regions” light up when one sees another person break out into a grin.

Other Benefits of Smiling

Not only does smiling make you look more attractive, but it also exudes an air of confidence and competence. People who smile are usually thought to be friendlier, have good social skills, and a great sense of humor. A beautiful smile maybe just what it takes to make friends or get a new job. A study done using a high school yearbook revealed that girls who displayed a sincere-smile that went so far as to crinkle their eyes now have a better over-all life and good marriages thirty-years later!

How to Get Your Best Smile

While a smile is the best thing you can wear, some people find themselves self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth. If crooked or misshapen teeth make you want to hide your smile, our team of orthodontists in Stafford is here to help! We know just what it takes to bring out the beautiful smile in anyone, and will work to do whatever is necessary to give you a grin you’ll be proud to show! Contact us today and let us get you started on the road to a beautiful smile.

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A Smile is the Prettiest Thing You Can Wear

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