Before You Put on a Frown, Make Absolutely Sure There Are No Smiles Available - Jim Beggs

5Beecroft-Aug2016 A smile comes with a positive connotation, and a frown comes with a negative one; however, despite that fact, people often turn toward the latter. As your kids start going to the orthodontist, you want to encourage them to keep smiling. Providing them with a reason to smile, even if they don't like their braces, can be easy.

Changing Moods

Let your kids know that the way that they represent themselves to the outside world will often have an effect on how they feel inside. You can perform a simple test. The next time your kids are frowning, ask them how they feel on the inside. Make them smile and ask again. Show them that when they are willing to put on a smile, they can change the way that they think about certain situations.

Displaying Pride in Health

Your children might argue with you about getting braces because they don't want to be bothered or they don't like the way that the units look. Talk to them about how important it is to maintain proper dental health; discuss the consequences of failing to do so. You can also remind them that they may want to smile more once they have their perfectly straight teeth. You can explain to them that they have the ability to take pride in their good health when so many people don't.

Helping Others

Your kids may not realize how much their moods affect other people. For example, ask your older children if they notice that their younger siblings get upset when they are frowning. Teach your kids that smiling at other people can help them to have a better day.

This world is filled with too many frowns, and you can help your kids combat that epidemic. Call the team at Beecroft Orthodontics to schedule an appointment for your little ones today.

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Before You Put on a Frown, Make Absolutely Sure There Are No Smiles Available - Jim Beggs

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