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2Beecroft-Aug2016 A smile is a wonderful thing. Smiling lifts you up and everyone around you.

In fact, smiling is a therapy of the best kind: It’s free therapy.

The benefits of smiling have been validated by science too:

  • Smiling improves your mood: Moods might originate in the brain, but researchers have found that facial movements can force moods to align with them. Incredible, but true.
  • Smiling reduces stress: A 2012 study at the University of Kansas revealed even “fake” smiles after the completion of stressful tasks reduced heart rates and encouraged quicker recovery.
  • Smiling convinces others to trust you: Researchers found subjects with the sincerest and open smiles are considered the most trustworthy by observers. Just smile, and the world smiles back.
  • Smiles might increase the strength of your cells: As biochemist Sondra Barrett explains, your smile tells your whole body everything is OK. It tells your cells to get back to keeping you healthy rather than preparing for a sudden shock.
  • Smiling increases creativity: A study at the University of California in 2013 determined test subjects who smiled more took a more comprehensive approach to solving problems, maintaining an openness to alternative solutions. The effect has been connected to the improved function of dopamine in those who always smile.

But what if your smiles aren’t coming as naturally as they should? What if you think twice before beaming that broad grin at the sound of a joke or just in an expression of delight? Do you always smile in a healthy way, or do you feel inhibited and distracted?

A warm, open, engaging smile is what orthodontics is all about. The doctors at Beecroft Orthodontics can enable the smiling demeanor that can optimize your health and set you up for success.

Get back to enjoying the free therapy of smiling by scheduling an appointment today.

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Smile: It's Free Therapy - Douglas Horton

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