You'll Find That Life Is Still Worthwhile, If You Just Smile - Charles Chaplin

2 Charles Chaplin, the great British comic of the silent-film era, actually had a lot to say. One of his famous quotes was: "Life is still worthwhile, if you just smile." Charlie had a point. A smile not only can cheer you up, but it can also cheer up almost anyone around you.

Why is a big smile so cheery? One of the reasons may be that a smile can show off your white, well-aligned teeth. That is easy to do, except what if you don't have white, well-aligned teeth? How do you get them?

One way to get that attractive smile is to see an orthodontist, who specializes in smiles. An orthodontist also specializes in:

  • aligning your teeth to improve your appearance
  • correcting an improper bite, called a malocclusion

An orthodontist specializes in making sure that you maintain the overall health of your mouth. If your teeth are crooked, braces apply a steady, gentle pressure that will move the teeth into the proper position. The process takes time, but with new materials and procedures, the overall time that you wear braces is now shorter than ever before as well as more effective.

An orthodontist also specializes in the mouth health of children. If your child needs braces to improve the appearance and overall health of the teeth, an orthodontist can usually fit the braces in a relatively painless procedure. Modern braces generally allow a child to continue to play sports or play a musical instrument.

If you or your children have any problem with your teeth, contact your local orthodontist or find his or her website. Do it now and get a start on improving that smile. Just remember what Charlie Chaplin said: Life is still worthwhile, if you just smile. Also remember these words: Always smile in Fredericksburg!

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You'll Find That Life Is Still Worthwhile, If You Just Smile - Charles Chaplin

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