Smile More, Help More, Trust More, Love More to Live More

5 Everyone wants to smile more, but sometimes tooth issues get in the way. No problem, because Beecroft Orthodontics is ready to help with state-of-the-art services. They can improve smiles and provide a lifetime of confidence.

Your First Visit

At Beecroft Orthodontics, you're like a family. You can ask any question you want, as well as learn how orthodontics can help you. On your first visit, we'll be able to:

  • Review your medical history
  • Provide a complete exam
  • Create a treatment plan just for you
  • Work with your insurance

During your first visit, you'll also be able to schedule your first appointment.

Meet the Team

Dr. Matt Beecroft earned his D.D.S. from Case Western Reserve University, where he graduated with honors. He loves seeing patients build confidence with a great smile. Cathy and Rachelle, the orthodontic assistants, enjoy working with patients. Yolanda, the treatment coordinator, will help design a plan specifically for you. And Wanda, the financial coordinator, is ready to work with your insurance so everything goes smoothly.

What Can Beecroft Offer Me?

At Beecroft Orthodontics, we have treatment options for both children and adults. They include:

Better yet, the days of boring braces are gone. Now patients can pick from 24 colors of elastic bands, and even have a different color for each tooth. They can also change the colors every visit. Kids think it's awesome!

So love more to live more, and smile more. You have a reason to smile in King George, Stafford and Fredericksburg. You have a new smile waiting for you at Beecroft Orthodontics, so contact them today.


Beecroft Orthodontics - 10472 Georgetown Dr, Fredericksburg, VA22553 Phone: 540 898 2200

Smile More, Help More, Trust More, Love More to Live More ― Debasish Mridha

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