Smiling Speaks to People Charmingly without Saying a Word

4Beecroft Whatever you do, your smile is always your first impression. The popular smile quote "smile and the whole world smiles with you" is indeed true. There are other reasons to visit your orthodontist though.

Crooked teeth can lead to jaw pain, poor growth of adult teeth in children, gum disease, poor bite and last but not least, a less than perfect smile. An uncorrected improper bite can also lead to poor self-esteem as a child grows since they may be self-conscious and embarrassed about how their teeth look. No one wants to see a child or teen who is reluctant to smile. Smiling speaks volumes about personality and can help open doors to education and work opportunities.

Children's teeth should be examined yearly by their orthodontists. Research has shown that early intervention can save time, money and office visits overall.

There are many options for patients of all ages. Traditional metal braces may be best for teeth that need adjusting quickly or more aggressively. A combination of metal and clear braces can be useful and less noticeable. In some cases, the braces can be applied to just the inner part of the teeth, allowing maximum change, without being visible on the outside. In addition, there are totally clear braces and removable custom fit invisible braces, which may be a consideration for teens and adults.

If you or your child has been recommended for an orthodontic consultation, or you just want an opinion or for braces Fredericksburg has to offer, call our office now. Our friendly and compassionate staff will be happy to help you through the whole process if braces are advised. They can get you the smile you want.

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Smiling Speaks to People Charmingly without Saying a Word

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